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Learn how Health & Safety is our #1 priority, and how we meet all technical and regulatory safety requirements without compromise.



At Spark Power, the protection and maintenance of our team’s health and safety, including their physical, psychological, and social well-being, always comes first. This means that our employees can thrive and minimize risks, whether in the field or office. Our company culture incorporates safety into all that we do by prioritizing:

Health and safety


Spark is committed to the continuous improvement of our safety management system. We provide support to our team members and promote our safety programs to ensure that safety is the top priority.

Hard Hat

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All employees, regardless of their division, are william hill football bettingencouraged to contribute and participate in our health and safety program. .



By committing to best practices across all facets of the business, we integrate safety into all that we do.


Spark utilizes an online safety management system that centralizes all health and safety components into one user-friendly system. This makes safety accessible to our employees – anytime, anywhere – and allows us to track the following information:

• Inspections
• Meetings
• Hazard observations
• Document control
• Incidents reports

Using our online safety app, Spark employees have built a high participation safety culture that allows them to take ownership of safety and create accountability with action items, observations, and more.

Be Powerful


We know that our people are our most valuable resource. Spark is fully william hill mobile site logincommitted to providing the resources it takes to invest in our employees’ futures by providing them with up-to-date education and training. To achieve this, we have developed national partnerships with reputable vendors to provide job site and operator safety training. We are continuously developing our internal Health and Safety Certification Program to provide comprehensive and technical training to all our employees.


The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program is a nationally recognized occupational health and safety standard that allows employers to assess their own health and safety management systems. By achieving COR™, employers can demonstrate to buyers of construction that their health and safety management system has been developed, implemented, and evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive william hill sports betting appinternal and external audits.

Spark is proud to participate in COR™ certification in all the provinces where we work. We’re currently COR certified in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba.


We are committed to sustainable development, which demands economic growth and diligent application of procedures and protocols regarding the environment. Spark strives not only to meet, but where possible, exceed the standards set by government legislation or guidelines through the application of environmental protection measures.


Spark is committed to meeting all applicable statutory and regulatory obligations, along with customer requirements and expectations, with quality, reliability, and efficiency.

We are working ISO certified within our Renewables division that includes ISO 9001 and 45001, to align with our core values William Hill mobile siteof integrating new technologies and implementing effective and efficient business procedures.

Industrial Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Spark Power is committed to ensuring compliance with accessibility legislation by incorporating policies, procedures, training for employees, and best practices. We will review these policies and practices on a regular basis. Our commitment to making our organization accessible to everyone includes the integration of accessibility legislation with our policies, procedures, and training.

This plan has been developed by our Accessibility Advisory Committee in accordance with the Integrated Regulation. It outlines a strategy to prevent and remove barriers and address the current and future requirements of the AODA. It will be provided in an alternative format upon request.